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COMMITTEE BOARD: İslam Yıldırım, Dilay Örüng
Academic Assistant: Mariam El Saleh

Agenda Item: Militarisation of the Arctic

The militarization of the Arctic refers to the increasing presence and activities of military forces in the Arctic region. As the polar ice melts due to climate change, new shipping routes and access to natural resources are becoming available. This has led to growing interest from various nations in the region, resulting in increased military presence and potential security concerns. The agenda item "Militarisation of the Arctic" aims to address the potential risks and challenges associated with this concept. It involves discussing ways to promote peaceful cooperation, prevent conflicts, and ensure the sustainable development of the Arctic region. The committee will explore diplomatic solutions, international agreements, and cooperation mechanisms to maintain stability and protect the interests of all stakeholders. By engaging in this discussion, the UN Security Council committee aims to foster dialogue, encourage transparency, and promote responsible behavior among nations in the Arctic. Together, we can work towards a peaceful and cooperative future for the region.

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