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COMMITTEE BOARD: Naz Çoban, Emir Elhatip
Academic Assistant: Berk Özkan

Agenda Item: COP28: The Global Stocktake

COP28 is a particularly momentous convention as it will mark the conclusion of the first ‘global stocktake’ of the world’s efforts to address climate change under the Paris Agreement. The convention will profoundly display the slow progress across all areas of climate action – from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to strengthening resilience to a changing climate, to getting the financial and technological support to vulnerable nations – COP28 will urge countries to respond decisively with a decision on how to accelerate action across all areas by 2030. Additionally, governments will be called on to speed up the transition away from fossil fuels to renewables such as wind and solar power in their next round of climate commitments.

As delegates, you will have the power to advocate for a sustainable future and urge politicians to implement decisive measures regarding climate change.

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