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COMMITTEE BOARD: Hasan Al-Emran, Roya Al-Hariri
Academic Assistant: Ali Wani

Agenda Item: Addressing Inflation Through Reforms in International Trade and Commerce

The GA:2 Economic and Financial Committee will convene to address the pressing global concern that affects economies worldwide: inflation. As nations strive for economic stability and growth, the volatility of both the financial and economic markets poses significant challenges. In this committee, we focus on an important aspect of approaching this issue through reforms in international trade and commerce. Acknowledging the intricate correlations of trade policies, commodity prices, and inflation rates, we aim to explore innovative strategies and collaborative efforts to promote sustainable economic environments. By delving into the complexities of international trade dynamics and identifying areas for reform, we will try to find solutions for a a more resilient, equitable, and stable global economy by aiming for constructive dialogue and decisive action to address inflation through reforms in international trade and commerce.

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